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I’ve been online dating and I love it!

I’ve been online dating for the whole month of January and it’s been fantastic.  Let me add a bit of context.  It is not the online dating that you are probably thinking about.  It has also been fully supported by my wife and daughter.  In fact, they have even been fully engaged in the activity too!

Our online date has been with Adrienne, the YouTube Yoga teacher.  Adrienne has provided us all with a lovely 31 day yoga challenge over the month of January.  If you haven’t seen her videos, I thoroughly recommend that you have a quick look.  The Guardian journalist, Rebecca Nicholson described her as her ‘goofy online yoga teacher’ but she is so much more than this.  Adrienne is so enthusiastic, encouraging and engaging and genuinely makes you feel special for even turning up on the yoga mat.  She also has a pretty cool dog with the same name as my dog, so that gives her even more points in my book!  My little family have all become converts and yoga is definitely going to become a part of our daily routine.

And for the sceptics out there, don’t dismiss it until you have tried it.  I am a keen sports person (cycling, running, skiing and outdoor pursuits in general).  However, I dislike stretching and am particularly bad at doing core work, even though I know how beneficial it is.  Now, with Adrienne and yoga in my life, my core stability and flexibility are all taken care off in one nice relaxing session.  Thank you, Adrienne, we love you.

p.s.  we are also doing a ‘no meat’ January, but that isn’t nearly as much fun!

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