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2018 – Resolutions and Rules

My resolutions and rules for 2018 are as follows:

Give 2 units of blood (best thing that I can do given that I am O Neg).  (One donation made on 3 January, so one more to go later in the year).

Be meat free for the month of January.  This is now complete, but we have decided, as a family, to consume less meat from now on and will do Meatless Mondays from hence forth.

Run at least once a week with my wonderful daughter.

Beat last year’s Personal Best (PB) at my local 10 mile time trial on my Brompton bicycle.

Everest my Brompton bicycle.

Complete a 30 day yoga streak (completed in January but continuing with yoga, as I really enjoyed it).

Abide by my 3 pillars of health.


Everesting on my Brompton Bicycle – my 2018 physical challenge

Mount Everest – 8848 metres (almost 30,000ft) high

Mount Everest has always fascinated me. I would love to see it in all its beauty, one day.  In the mean time, I intend to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Hillary and Tenzing’s famous ascent by doing something Everest related. So the date is set – 29 May 2018, 65 years after the first successful assault of Mt Everest.  (I do add a caveat, going along with my climbing theme, and I can move the date a day or two each side to pick the best weather window for my challenge).

So what is the challenge, I hear you cry? It’s called Everesting. For those of you that don’t know, Everesting on a bicycle involves riding up and down the same hill as many times as necessary to get the cumulative height of Mount Everest which is 8848m (29000 ft) of ascent on a single ride.  For those non cyclists readers, that is a big day of climbing, especially when consider that the hardest mountain stages of the Tour de France sometimes accumulate 4000m of ascent, and my three ascents of Mont Ventoux only accumlated 4400m of height gain!

If you are interested in the rules, have a look at Hells500 rules here.   By my calculations, on the hill that I have picked, it is a 210km day with half of it riding uphill! So a tough day by any stretch of the imagination. I am going to make it tougher by riding my lovely Brompton instead of my race ready road bike.

Brompton in action.

So, like all things, I am setting myself up for success by doing some training. My Summit Attempt in May, so I have time on my side (as I write this in November 2017).   I have targeted a date to fit in with my Everest obsession – 29th May 2018, which will be exactly 65 years after Hillary and Tenzing stood on the world’s highest summit. I will share my key training sessions running up to my Everesting attempt in my blog.

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