My 3 Pillars of Health

I like to keep things simple.  And I reckon that there are 3 pillars to health.  Take note of these 3 things, practice them as much as possible and you will be on the road to a healthy and happy life.


Nutrition - the first pillar of health
Nutrition – the first pillar of health

OK, if you have read the About Me section on this site, you will have seen that I am known as the Calorie Cowboy.  I really am not that bad, but I do try and eat a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet most of the time.  I try to eat well 80% of the time.  I  firmly believe that if you eat garbage, you are probably going to perform like garbage, that is unless your name is Usain Bolt, and I am sure that he doesn’t eat fast food (no pun intended) all the time.  It’s all about moderation and common sense.  I have some friends who eat healthier than me, but spend their lives preparing food, and go crazy if they can’t get hold of their uber healthy food, for whatever reason.  I can eat a hamburger, I’m not going to love it, but neither am I going to go into meltdown.  Laird Hamilton, the super cool extreme sportsman and big wave surfer and definitely fitandforty (plus a few years) makes a good analogy on his stance on feeding (and fueling) the body.  He likes being more like a truck than a high performance car, because if a little diesel or water gets in, it’ll cough or sputter a bit, but it will keep going to get through it and keeping running.


Exercise - just do something


Exercise is crucial.  Just get up and do some exercise.  I’m serious, just this simple act of getting up and being more active will potentially add years to your life.  You never know, if you are lucky, you may even enjoy it.


The 3rd Pillar of Health
The 3rd Pillar of Health

Rest and recovery is an integral part of training and being healthy.  Without this pillar, the whole structure collapses.  You need more sleep than you think to make you stronger and healthy.  Go on, go to bed early, bag a bit more kip than you normally do.  And you may even enjoy it too!  But seriously, studies are increasingly showing that sleep is super important and that missing it out on it can have real effects on your overall health, as well as your happiness and productivity.  A recent Harvard study said that chronic sleep deprivation may cause weight gain by affecting the way our bodies process and store carbohydrates, and by altering levels of hormones that affect our appetite.

And on that note, I will end this post and go and get some sleep!

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