Top 10 Tips To Complete A Century – 100 Miles On A Bike

With Spring on the horizon, and the hope of some good weather, many cyclists set their sights on a Century ride to assess levels of fitness prior to the summer months. Whatever your goals and aims, the Century Ride also gives you a bit of cycling confidence and kudos.

So here are my Top 10 Tips to successfully complete a 100 mile bike ride:

1. Prepare well, which should include being suitably rested, hydrated and topped up nutritionally.

2. Do any bike preparation beforehand, including making sure that your bike is working properly, fits you correctly and is comfortable for a day in the saddle. Also make sure you know how to fix a puncture (if you don’t know already).

3. Select a good route. Route planning on something like Garmin Connnect is easy and fun.
4. Take note of weather forecast. Use this to your advantage, and grab a tail wind for the last part when you will be more tired.

5. Ride with a buddy, if available.

6. Eat and drink regularly. I have an alert set every 15 minutes to remind me to drink. Every other one (so every half an hour) I also eat something. 50 grams of carbs per hour seems to work for me. See my article, Nutrition – What To Eat On A Century Bike Ride.

7. Start off easy, it is going to be a long(ish) day and don’t spoil it by going off too fast. If you start off too fast, you will pay for it later.

8. Wear proper cycling clothing and apply some Chamois creme, I use and swear by Assos Chamois Creme.

9. Bring some money, a map and a phone ICE (In Case of Emergency).

10. Relax and enjoy it.

If you are nervous about riding a Century, and live in the south of England, give me a shout and I will help you conquer it.

The Best TED Talk In The World, Ever!


Last night I watched my all time favourite TED Talk, or as Jeremy Clarkson would say “The Best TED Talk in the world, ever”.

If you have never watched a TED Talk before, do yourself a favour and use this one as an introduction, it really is wonderful. The best TED Talk ever.

Paul Nicklen is so passionate about the subject and some of the photos that he shares with you during his talk are awesome. And from now on, I totally look at leopard seals in a different light!

Go on do it, follow this link, you won’t regret it. And let me know what you thought.